Thursday, July 26, 2012

4-H Fair Fun

Last week was our much awaited 4-H Fair! This week I've been playing catch up on housework, laundry, weeding the garden, as well as continued harvesting in the garden. Here is a peek into our week at the fair....
FIRST: You have to grab your cowboy hat.
 SECOND: You have to get your animals looking all nice and clean!
 Still cleaning..... (see the Mallard's head poking out of the bucket?)
 THIRD: Lance awaits Showmanship with his duck.
There were two different judges to impress.....
 This was his first year in the poultry program...we have some learning to do
 The next day was the sheep show, Aunt Christa came to fit our sheep! This was also our first year in the sheep club, again we have a lot of learning to do.
 This is Caleb with Rachel, she won her class! That was a great way to start our day!
 Here the judge feeling Rachel to better judge her composition.
 We went back in for the Grand Champion class and came up empty handed. Caleb did gain confidence and experience in the ring that helped him throughout the day.
 The 3rd day of showing...was the swine show. Here is Lance driving his hog.
 I LOVE this picture of him.....
 Caleb had some rough luck with his hogs this year. One didn't want to drive (instead he wanted to throw a fit and squeal very LOUDLY), his other hog had a bad limp. He still tried his best and I was happy he made the best of it.
 Here is part of our loyal cheering club. Grandpa Cormany, Grandma Gaerte, Grandma Cormany, and was a miserable HOT fair week, but they were there to hang out with us anyway.
Thanks so all those who made such generous financial gifts to support both of the boys during the 4-H auction or sponsored trophies!
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Zollinger: Churubusco Family Dentistry LLC
Grandma & Grandpa Cormany
Grandma & Grandpa Byrd
Grandma & Grandpa Gaerte
Edward Jones Investments: Abby Lindsey
Cormany Farms: Uncle Jim & Aunt Cindy
Ott Club Lambs: Uncle Nate & Aunt Christa
The Chad Graves Family
Without Uncle Jim letting us borrow his trailer, and Uncle Nate and Aunt Christa investing so much time and energy into Caleb's sheep projects we wouldn't have even made it to fair. 4-H is truly a family/community event in our county in so many ways. It's an enormous amount of work and dedication from Spring to Summer......every year it's worth it!


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