Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Happening

 My boys have found a series on Netflix called "Top Shots". It's all about shooting all types of guns at all sorts of targets. With this inspiration, the boys got their bows out and enjoyed a little practice shooting at the bear target. Zach shot first.
 Next up was Caleb....
 Lance bringing his bow down to the right height.
 Also this summer we've been taking lots of pictures. Making memories of all the fun things we do!
 The boys have also taken up "trap making". They each designed their own squirrel trap.
 Here is Zach's creation.
 Lance went with the crate option....
 Here is the funny man demonstrating his trap in action.....
 Caleb's design involved lot of materials, including LOTS of binder twine.
 Miss Julia doesn't shoot bows, but she cheers for them on the sidelines! She's not into trapping things, but she helps them collect bait. She's a good sport for having three brothers, and just likes to hang out with them.
 Her thing lately has been making tents in her room. I think she slept in this "tent" for at least four nights out of seven last week. The two oldest boys went to camp last week, so she wanted to "camp out" in her room too, cute huh?


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