Friday, May 27, 2011


Here in the Midwest it's been an incredibly WET Spring. Not just little sprinkles, but downpours, hail, lighting shows, and constant severe thunderstorms rolling through. Not just one storm, but one storm then another and then get the picture. I went outside to capture some pictures as yet another storm was approaching.

 I don't know about you, but that is more black than I prefer in the sky...
The great force in these storms in simply enough to make you think of God's power. It's enough to make you tremble, but stand in awe and the same time. What a powerful God we serve.
Our house was right on the line of the storms. The cast difference is amazing. I'm not sure the pictures do it justice.
I love this shot! I love how the sunshine is so bright next to such darkness. It was a reminder to me that God is in complete control, and that alone gives me an unspeakable peace.

Don't worry I was safe inside before the storm actually began....(that message is mainly for my nervous mama. LOVE YA MOM!)


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