Friday, May 20, 2011

Rocking Chair Overhaul..

I bought this little rocking chair at an auction probably 5 yrs old for a buck or two. Ever since then I have wanted to paint it, but just never got around it to, and until I had a little girl I never had any motivation to do it. Since I had a little "watermelon" paint leftover from Julia's "new" desk I used it on the chair!

This chair is not as bright pink as the desk, which is fine since they won't be used together but will be in the same room.
I'm not sure if you can tell in the picture but this chair looks like it's been rubbed (aka distressed a bit). I didn't actually use that technique on it, but that's just how the paint looked once it was on....and I was thrilled! Since I only spent a buck or two on the chair and then used left over paint for the project this was a FREE overhaul! LOVE IT when that happens....


Amber Archer said...

Love it!!! Such a bargain made into a wonderful treasure!!!
You've really got a great blog going on :) I tried blogging awhile ago and it just wasn't working out. But after seeing all the neat things you've got going on here you've inspired me to "maybe" try again.
Great job Danielle!! Keep it up!

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