Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Lance!

Ten years ago today......yep TEN years ago today, I became a mama for the first time! Lance is my first born, and he came into the world in the early morning hours. That very same day a tornado came through town, and there I was in the hallway nervous for the safety of my first born. The Lord protected us and we were kept safe, but talk about an eventful first day as a new mom!

This morning he opened some of his "B-day loot".
He was super excited about this game from grandma & grandpa Gaerte.

Happy B-day Buddy! I can't even wrap my brain around the fact that your ten! I don't know how the years have flown by so incredibly quick. You've grown into quite the nice young man, and I am proud of the good example you try to be the your younger siblings. The Lord has given you a love for reading, a great compassion for others, and a thirst for knowledge and facts. I am excited to watch you grown in the Lord and see what His plans are for you. LOVE YOU BUNCHES!       Mom


Mominin said...

Happy Birthday, Lance!!!

Megan said...

Happy Birthday, Lance!
Have a great day!

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