Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Staying Cool....

 It seems that here in the Midwest we have just skipped right over Spring and went straight to the Summer HEAT and HUMIDITY! To battle to high temps. we thought a new sprinkler was in order! I think you'll see in the pictures the kids really like staying cool....even if it's only with a sprinkler.

 Julia wasn't so sure she wanted to get in the freezing cold water, even if it was 90 something out.
Zach kept cool and enjoyed running...running...and running around it some more!
Caleb's always up for a good time and he spent most of his trying to stay as close to sprinkler as he could without touching it. I made it very clear that if they touched the sprinkler they had to sit out....Caleb likes pushing the limits.....much to my dismay.
Lance had fun getting all wet...even thought when your 10 a sprinkler doesn't seem nearly as cool as a pool. He never complained though, and was thankful just to keep cool with whatever was available.
 I really LOVE the sprinkler the kids and I picked out! I knew we needed something that did NOT sit on the ground (because then they will just step on it and break it within a day). This one sticks right in the ground and rotates in a 30 foot diameter. It is going to serve a duel purpose, watering the fruit garden and entertaining children on hot days....life is good!



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