Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our First SWAP MEET Experiance......

Over the past week we have added several new animal friends to the Homestead! Over the next couple days I will introduce them to you all! Two weekends ago we made our first trip to a local SWAP MEET! It was SUCH FUN!

It's not everyday you get to pet newborn fawns. I think the guy said they were 9 days old...I forgot to ask him how much they were!
We went to the swap meet on a mission....to find the much promised puppies for the kids....and as you can see we didn't come home disappointed!
We came home with two beagle pups. The are both boys...Hunter & Camo..they are so adorable!
These puppies are playful, ornery, energetic, and love to play in my flowers were they aren't suppose to be....just the way you'd expect puppies to be. We are loving on them and trying to teach them the basics on obedience. They seems to listen best to me for some reason, but the boys keep trying!


Amber Archer said...

They are absolutely ADORABLE :) Beagles are great dogs can't wait to watch them grow with the rest of the family!
~Take care, Amber

Life Focus ~ A look into what's really important. said...

We love the swap meet!

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