Friday, January 28, 2011

Progress at the Dream House...

It's offically been a month since we started working on the Dream House.....Whew, were did that four weeks go? (Well to be fair it's only been three week.s..we were tending to sick children (& Hubby) with the flu for one full week.) I won't list every detail of what we've been up to.....I'm pretty sure I would loose you half way down my list. Mainly ripping up floors, ripping down wallpaper, painting all the ceiling and walls on the first floor, installing backer board to prepare for our new tile flooring. 

 Room by room we are getting it done! I picked out a green for the living room.
The guys are spreading the morter then putting down the cement board.
 Mr. Semi driver brought our tile (Tuesday). We hope to start putting some down this weekend.
It's looks like antique wood plank flooring, but it is actually tile! I never even knew such a thing existed till I happen to see it on an HGTV show!! Can't wait to see it all installed!! It's going in the kitchen, dining room, 1/2 bath, laundry room, and the front entryway.


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