Friday, January 21, 2011

Shop Project Pictures

This is the little barn by the house. We call it The Shop. The previous owner used it as a workshop/storage area for lawn and garden equipment. This has been where my Hubby, Lance, and George have been spending some time working.

All the walls on this side of shop were bare studded walls= no insulation, no electricity. So that was the first order of business.

Outlets and a light fixture was added.
They insulated the ceiling, and the walls.

Then they mounted the shop lights.
The finished project with all the trim in place. This is going to make a great area for all my painting projects I am starting in the near future!


Kimberly (Intentional Mom) said...

How awesome! My hubby would love a shop like that! (He currently has an old international horse truck that he converted into a workshop...)

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