Friday, January 7, 2011


Do you have one? Ya know, an IDEA book? At first I thought this was a "sickness/fetish" that I and a few other women might have, but I have soon discoverd that LOTS of women have them. Do you?

Here is my BIG OLE' binder, my large paint swatch book, and two of my favorite books ( I got them off Amazon for super cheap a couple years ago.

In case you don't have an IDEA book/binder you might wonder what is in it. Everyone is different of course but in my binder it's a collection of things I love. I tear pages from magazine I get and hole punch them, then file them accordingly. If it's a book I have I use sticky notes to mark pages with the things I like. By the number of sticky notes in these two books I think you know why I love these books!

My IDEA book has pictures this one of peices of furniture I like...
A cozy chair in a style I like......

I love this idea to store quilts! I also love the finish on the cabinet (note: little sticky note).

My book also has gardening/landscape ideas, how-to instructions on projects, curtain ideas, plus several other categories. It has been so immensely to me. Up till now it has just been a fun thing I liked to do...kinda a "dreaming" book...a "maybe some day" book....Boy I am glad I have it! 


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