Monday, January 17, 2011

Wanna Hear About Our Week?

Well it has been such a crazy week here at our house....not the usual crazy. I mean the kind of crazy that your looking around for the cameras because you know someone must be playing some cruel joke on you. Wanna hear about it? Well here is the short version.....
* Last Sunday night Hubby started the flu bug
* Wednesday Julia continued the flu bug (up all night)
* no school mom can't even think..let alone function
Here is where it gets real good.......
* Sat evening Husband leaves for a bluegrass jam....(6p)
* Sat evening Caleb now shares in the "let's pass the flu" game (730p)
* Caleb FINALLY stops "participating" at midnight husband is now home we go to bed
* 1230 am (or sometime very shortly after we laid down in bed)
* Lance feels left out of the "flu game" and takes his turn....Hubby got up with him that night!
* Hubby leaves for church while I man the house......
* Hubby falls down the stairs on the deck landing directly on his tailbone...lots of pain!
* sometime in the afternoon Zach is instructed to wash his hands in the bathroom......
* 30-45 minutes later I go into the bathroom and see that the sink is OVERFLOWING all over the floor! YIKES!! The entire vanity is soaked along with the entire contents! Paint is now peeling off the front of the vanity, water draining down the register.......
* Clean up mess, dry things out
* 630p Zach is now the last one to be hit by the flu (with the exception of me).

SERIOUSLY....COME ON.......I honestly couldn't help by laugh by the time Zach flooded the bathroom......had to be an act of GOD that I handled it so well. I guess I felt like I was being tested the last SEVEN days. I'm not entirely sure if I passed the test or not... I do know, I don't want to do that week all over again.

Hope your weekend was less eventful! Happy Monday!


Megan said...

YUK! What a week! Hope everyone is better now and you're done with the nasty bug!

grandma for jesus said...

Wow praying for all of you, Those are times you will always remember. Thank heavens they pass, and the memories fade.

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