Thursday, January 6, 2011

Old Barn Siding.......

Do you know what this is? Well if read the title then you OLD barn siding. I know it may look like junky old wood to some. If your makes my heart flutter, I get weak in the knees, and then I gotta have it! Why you may ask? I have a deep love of old can't buy new stuff with this kind of character in it. I can't wait add some of this old siding to the new house.

Here is another shot of the amazing patina of the wood...ohhh the red.....I'm in love with it! What are the odds that when I came up with my ideas to use old barn siding (and I specifically wanted RED) that I could get some only a mile from my house and not have to order off the internet!!!
Well have you figured out what I am gonna do with it yet? Here is a hint...I'm using it in the new house.......So leave me a comment of what you would do with it, or how you think I might use it. If I've already talked to you about how I'm using it, your not aloud to tell....I am planning to measure today for how much I need then go pick it up sometime very SOON!
Okay let's hear your suggestions or your guesses!!!


Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

It would look great anywhere, but I'm guessing down that hallway or the back wall of your dining room?

Shania Fargo said...

It looks very antique and it has a very nostalgic aura to it. Seems like a great addition to any home. It has quite a lot of character to it, don't you think? Well, do you plan on using that barn siding for one side of the house, and mix in a bit of other siding types for the rest?

Gaertegang said...

Actually it went inside the house! I laid it horizontally along a hallway wall. Great for functionality (protecting the walls) and looks just wonderful! My son also used it on a 40H project to make a tool box. I also plan to use to frame in a dry erase board and make some frames! Since it's already over 100 years old I think it did it's service outside :)

Doyel akter said...

Metal roofs are no doubt much more preferable than other materials.
I personally love metal roofs too.

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