Saturday, January 8, 2011

Some activities the kids have been enjoying.....

While the crowds of adults have been working at the new house, you might wonder what the kiddos have been up to. Here is a little peek into their world at the new house!

If playing inside is on the menu for the day, then we have a basketball hoop inside the garage for some one-on-one playing. (The ceilings are extra high so they have lots of room to toss the ball.) We also have been using a heater when needed to keep them warm.
 It may not look like much here......but it's a wide open space to run, toss a football, or for Julia to ride her new bike. This space has been a huge blessing for pent-up energy!
 It's hard to tell what he's doing, but he's playing LEGO'S. All the boys are total Lego lovers.....they get to be creative and kept busy for hours making great creations to show off to us all.

The kids have also been very helpful. Lance has been helping Justin out a TON on the shop project. Little Miss Julia enjoys being a "happy helper", as she would say, whenever anyone asks. Caleb & Zach have not been so eager to volunteer, but they have been playing well together, which in a way is helpful in itself.

When the weather warmed up for a few days the kids got to run around outside for a bit...The new tree house is a total hit......AND.....

It helps that this tree house is equipped with a zip line......How cool is that?!! Zach was the first brave soul to try it out, with the help of Uncle Nate, and Grandpa Byrd who were on the scene just in case they were needed!

Since we have a forever long asphalt drive they also enjoyed skateboarding and riding their bikes all over....exploring the barn's hay mound.....AND......

Catching critters in the swamp area back way back in the woods. Fish and tadpoles are among their prized critters they brought IN THE HOUSE to show them off to me! Gotta LOVE having boys around....they were so proud of their finds!

The kids LOVE "eating out". Really this means I bring homemade food from home to eat while we work at the house. We do have a microwave so I can leave things outside to keep them cold and warm them up in the house when we are ready for them! The kids have spent hours at the table drawing and coloring. They also play their DS systems, watch movies on the DVD player when they are not busy doing one of the other hundred things I already shared! All this to say they are not bored!

Also Julia loves reading princess stories to us when we get home and are really tired (or not feeling well). Each day the kids ask "can we go to the new house" so for now I guess they are having just as much fun as we are.


Tanya said...

Hi! I noticed your comment over at Homestead Revival that you make venison summer sausage. Care to share the recipe? :)

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