Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ways We Like to READ!!

I am tickled with all the different ways I find my kids reading. I really don't care how they read, but just that they read and enjoy it. Here are a few ways we like to read.....
 Since Miss Julia is not reading yet she's working on a maze book while everyone else reads.......
 I TOTALLY  LOVE it when this happens.....reading buddies!
 Besides reading we have practicing some life skills as well.....BEEKEEPING!
The Monday following my Bee School, I taught the kids most of what I learned. They thought trying on my BEE jacket was really fun. Of course we had to pretend to smoke the hive as well. (I forgot to take a picture of Lance..oppps!)
They all seem to be very interested and excited about the bees. I think they will continue to BEE excited as long as they watch from afar and don't get stung.
We have less than 40 days of school left here at our house, and we sure are EXCITED about our upcoming summer break!!!


farmlife chick said...

Love the pic's of the kids reading! It's nice to know we're not the only ones who read in trees!!;) I will be looking for the WWII book your son was reading, it looked like a good one!

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