Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Field Trip to the CHEESE Factory & Perfumery

 Last week we had two really fun field trips! Our first stop was the CHEESE FACTORY, it's located about an hour from us. We learned the process of making cheese. In this factory they only make cheddar & Colby Jack. They make about 40,000 pounds of cheese each week!  

 Even though they only make two cheese "in house" they have MANY different types to buy.
 We came home with Colby Jack, Smoked Swiss, & Cheese Curds (our first time to try them).
 Julia proudly modeling her cheese hat.
After a quick lunch at a local pizza place, we headed off to the perfumery which was just a short drive away. Maybe you've heard of this perfumery....ANNIE OAKLEY? I won't share with you the interesting story of how the company was started, but I'm sure you can do a quickie internet search to read about it. We got a chemistry 101 lesson on how to make a perfume. You need a base, a mid, and a high "note". The base is the first thing you smell, and mid compliments it, and the high is the scent that lingers. Annie Oakley sells their products coast to coast here in the USA, and across the pond in many different countries.
 They had a gorgeous showroom with all their products displayed. The kids enjoyed testing....testing...and testing all their smells. I'm not sure how good we smelled when we left after mixing all of the scents, but I'm sure they had a good time!
We also got to see this gal bottling up one of their most popular scents.
We also learned that Annie Oakley will make you your own original scent. Yep, I'm not kidding! You can make an appointment with the owner and she will personally design a fragrance just for you. You even get to name it! They keep it on file and you can re-order it whenever you want. They also have hair products and a spa line they will add any scent they sell or design for you. That might be a fun idea to keep in my back pocket for someone who is hard to buy for.
Next week we head to Debrand's Fine Chocolates for a tour! YUMMMMMMM...


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