Friday, March 9, 2012

Old Hymn Book DIY project!!

We've had an old hymnal book for awhile, I think we got it at an auction..imagine that! The covers have fallen off, some of the pages have fallen out, but there was no way I was getting rid of it. I saw an idea (although I don't remember where) a long time ago where someone hung sheet music on the wall of a room. I thought that was a fun idea and maybe someday I would be brave enough to try something different like that.

 It's rather hard to see it, I did it in our half bath, which is pretty tiny & not camera friendly.
 Hear is another get the idea, right? I really LOVE it! So many wonderful hymns!
 I framed "In The Garden" it's a special song here at our house.
 Here are a few more that I really love...The Rugged Cross
 Jesus Loves Even Me....
There is Power In The Blood
I have plenty of extras still in case any get ruined for any reason. I love the floor to ceiling look! I used Stampin' Up mini glue dots to fix them to the wall. They will remove will no problem and not leave any marks if I choose to ever remove them. This makeover took about an hour. I did a totally random planning involved. I really like thinking outside the box when it comes to making your home your own. 
The real test is if the MISTER likes it....


Carra said...

Love it!!!!
What a cool idea Danielle.
Hope He likes it!

Clint Baker said...

What a great Idea! My wife found and old falling apart Hymn book last week. I will have to show here this! Thanks!

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