Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Productive Week!

I spent my week bringing in my first bouquet, planting, transplanting, weeding, tilling & plowing. It has been truly joyous to be playing in the dirt and having dirt under my nails. We are  in awe of the mild and warm weather we are getting so early in the year.
 I cut any blooms, and the ones that were budding. Then I transplanted the rest into my garden.
I cut these last Tuesday and they are still gorgeous! I've changed the water twice and re-cut them once.
My mother-in-law thought she needed to take my picture so I can actually put a picture of me on the blog.
 Here I am transplanting some tulips, they used to be over in a weedy part of the woods. I think they will be happier here.
Squinting from the sun...See I told you I am SUPER HAPPY to be in the DIRT!
Another project in the garden this past week....
 I uncovered my two strawberry patches. I cover them in the winter with 3-4 inches of straw to help insulate them from the cold winters we usually have. I'm  amazed and how green and bushy they look already since uncovering them.
 My garden has been tillable so I worked up a little patch and planted some of my cold-weather seeds.
I had this cute idea that I saw on Pinterest to mark my rows, but after running it by the Hubby he made a couple of good points so I decided to mark my rows by simply using rocks and a permanent marker. Nothing fancy, but I wanted something to mark them until the plants came up.
I planted THREE rows of carrots, ONE row each of Romaine Lettuce, Spinach, & Mini- Head Lettuce.
Then this past weekend we had the excitement of plowing up our main veggie garden/ butterfly garden. 
 We borrowed my father-in-law's tractor and 2-bottom plow to make this an easy job.
 Here we are part of the way done....
 Here is a view from the second story of our house. Do you think it will be big enough?
 Since I was up there, here is a shot of our fruit/cutting (flower) garden. We have purchased adorable red cedar picket fence to go around this garden, and I'm excited to get it up. (It's on the "list"!)

I think that pretty much catches up all up on what we are doing here at The Gaertegang Homestead. I hope you have been enjoying all this dreamy weather doing something you love.
I'm linking this week to Homestead Revival.

2 comments: said...

When I saw your title....'dirt under my nails and loving it"...I knew your blog would be enjoyable! I too can't wait to get my hands in the soil each spring! Who needs manicures? Your garden looks great! Many blessings for a rich harvest!

farmlife chick said...

Found your blog through the blog hop! I have to agree with the above was the title that grabbed my attention. We love dirt under our nails. Means it's been a productive day!

Garden looks awesome!! New follower!

-farmlife chick

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