Sunday, March 4, 2012

Two More Added to the Homestead

Lance has been wanting to add to his duck collection. This week were purchased two baby ducks from our local TSC store.

 Meet Junior & Speedy..don't ask which is which we can't tell them apart yet.
 They are both Mallard ducks, and there is a lot of holding these cuties going on these days. The plan is to take one of them in 4-H, but we are still looking into that.
 Two new ducks equals one really happy young man.

Over the next couple months we plan to add four 4-H pigs, two pet rabbits, a batch of meat chickens, two sheep for 4-H, possibly a couple baby cows,  24,000 honey bees for our new hives, and a puppy!
Like I mentioned before, we will not be bored here at the HOMESTEAD this Spring!


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