Thursday, March 29, 2012

After doing the initial plowing up of our new garden, it was time to go back over it it to break up all the clumps of dirt. I love how the dirt looks all tilled and pretty.

I'm pretty sure he's enjoying himself playing in the garden....
 Just in case he misses a spot, my father-in-law is there to keep him on task.
Since this photo was taken we have ran the disc over it another time. 
We have one more step thing we want to run over it (can't remember what the Mister called it).
Until it's actually planting time I think we'll keep messing around with it trying to get it just right.


farmlife chick said...

Can't wait to plow our garden! We got a few inches of snow last night ;(....

Leaving you the Versatile Blogger Award

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