Monday, February 20, 2012


There is something very wonderful about Tulips! When I see them I immediately smile...then I think SPRING!!!! I made a stop at Kroger this last week and couldn't resist the urge to pass by them without grabbing my a little bouquet.

(Not only are they gorgeous, but they were inexpensive. 20 tulips for $7.99!
My lovely bouquet..promising that Spring is not far off!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE ALL kids of flowers! I love tulips and daffolis for a good reason: My B-day is in the spring when those flowers are in season. With the old Finnish tradition to bring flowers along with a birthday present even to a child, I was sure to get these flowers and have them with me in my childhood B-day pictures:) Great memories! Thanks for your post, Danielle!

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