Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another Addition to the Homestead.....

Meet "CUB", a long dream of my Hubby' now finally a member of our little family...

We've searched for a long time for just the fit for what we needed. Thanks to my Husband's great ability at stalking Craigslist and all it has to offer. He found the ad, called and bargained a lower price, then went to get his little gem all in the same 12 hour period. To say he's excited to put this baby to work is an understatement! I'm excited for him to use it too!!
She's a 1947.
 Just to sweeten the deal a little more, we also are getting the cultivators to go with the tractor as well! Spring can't get here fast enough...
Hint: I think Justin is going to go all out with the garden with this little at his disposal!


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