Thursday, February 16, 2012

Garden Learning

 We started our Garden Unit study over a week ago, and we have been loving it! This is the first time I have done a unit study of any kind. I think it helps that it's a subject I'm already passionate about.
 So far we've learned about:
types of gardens
cold garden plants
warm garden plants
what three nutrients our plants need to grow
what makes good soil
how a plant grows and get it's energy
how to choose a garden spot
how to prepare the soil
which  plants grow in a mound, bush, climb, or grow in row form
picked our plants to grow in the veggie garden
made pictures of what our garden will look like
learned about the life cycle of butterflies
host plants
nectar plants
what a butterfly needs to survive
planned our butterfly garden
ordered seeds for our flowers
and I'm positive there is more, but those are the ones I can rattle off the top of my head.
We have been tracking our progress of what to plant at what soil temperature. 
 I have a log sheet of what seeds I ordered with the pictures and information about each plant. 
I have a log sheet of garden expenses, just to keep track for fun.
 I think keeping record of what we order will also help us to know where we can reorder next year if we like the result, what variety we planted, how much seed we ordered. I don't know about you but each year I think I will remember and each year I'm clueless and can't remember any of it!
Then I'm keeping all the info in our folder...all the info in one place is always a good idea!


Clint Baker said...

I love to garden! I am having a give away on my blog that you and your family may be interested in, It's seeds!

Genesa said...

Looks great Danielle!

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