Monday, February 13, 2012

Tracking Food Production for 2012

I don't know about you, but my brain has been non-stop buzzing about all the excitement of Spring being right around the corner! I have successfully ordered all my seeds for our Butterfly Garden. I have ordered all our Veggie Garden seeds, except for the corn, bean, potatoes we plan to buy in bulk. I will also have to purchase the tomatoes, onions, and green pepper plants when spring planting time is here.

With all of this seed ordering and garden organization is going on, I had another thought. I want to be able to track our "Food Production" this year. I have seen it on other blogs...but it's usually right in the middle of harvest season that I remember it. (Here is your reminder!) So this year I am going to keep a log here on my blog of our food production. I think it will be a great way of keeping track of what veggies and fruits did well, and which ones did not. I'm excited about making a remarkably large garden this year and sharing the fun with the kids along the way. If your thinking of tracking you Homestead's Food Production now might be a good time to start! Whether your garden is small or an acre in size I think it's helpful to know what amount of food your producing. If nothing else it would be fun to know!
If you are reading this post in FB or on some sort of Reader you can go directly to my blog and check out the simple "List" I made along the left side of my page. For Blogger, I simply went into Add a Gadget, then clicked on List, Simply make your list to your liking and hit save. You can go back into this list and "Edit" each time you need to update each item.
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Clint Baker said...

I stopped in off the blog hop. Have really enjoyed some of your garden post and will read more. You all might enjoy the video i have posted on my blog "Back to Eden" its about gardening God's way and also I am having a seed give away!

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