Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spring Fever....postponed

We have experienced just a mild winter here in our parts that we even a few days that made it seem like spring was just around the corner. Well we knew it was to good to be true and turn warm in February but we had fun soaking up all the sun and warmer temperatures for the day!

 Caleb flying high!
 Zach wearing that ugly hat (that they say is SUPER warm) from when Justin was a kid.
 Caleb is FULL spring training mode...going down the zip line one handed.
 When asked "Why?" he said because I'm holding my gun with the other hand like a solider does. 
(This came after watching a documentary on Netflix about Army Saper's.)
 Zach is trying to work up the courage to go, it didn't happen. I was ready just in case he did!
 Julia posing like she was going...she's not ready quit yet though....
 Well it's cold we'll just keep hanging out inside reading books, getting all of schooling done so that when Spring REALLY decides to come in all its glory we will be READY!!


Joy Y. said...

Looks like you're all having a grand time! So fun to look back on photos after time goes will treasure all the pix you take for always...


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