Monday, February 6, 2012

2011 CHRISTMAS Memories!

 I know...I know...It's February, but I've finally got the pictures from Christmas that Hubby had stored on his phone. I'm warning you that there are MANY "captured moments" to follow!

 I was REALLY THRILLED with the number of Christmas card we got this year!
 All the Christmas loot.....
 We always start by reading the Christmas story. Lance started reading....
  Caleb finished up.
 The kids bought gifts for each other this year. They all got to spend $1 on each person. They had such fun shopping for each other! Not nearly as much as they had getting the gifts from each other! 
 Many hugs followed as they thanked each other for their thoughtfulness.....this is a tradition we will be doing again and again for many years to come!
 Now that Zach is reading he got his first Bible this year! It even has his name stamped on it!
 Julia's bitty baby, Sarah, had a good Christmas! She got many new items to wear and play with!
 My Hubby wrote me a sweet note explaining my gift to me.
 So many great gifts, lots of fabulous food, and family time....
What more could you ask for? A few more pictures.....okay since you asked!

Wow, I'm not sure about you, but I feel such a relief now that we are all caught up again :)


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