Monday, August 3, 2009

July Monthly Spending Round Up

Well here is how we came out in JULY...if you remember Justin was suppose to take care of meals and shopping, but we decided about a week into in (since I had already made a meal plan for the first two weeks of the month we would just wait until August for him to try out his little experiment!
I have also been taking a break from couponing for the months of June, July, and now August. I am very happy with how this month turned out especially not using coupons for the most part...maybe I used a few a CVS....
I also decided I would not add in my CVS and Walgreens runs to my monthly grocery budget...but keep a tight rein on the spending and make sure it is only getting stuff we need and will use...

Walmart $50.12 (18 items)
I have to say $25.73 of that money was in supplies to make blueberry jam......
Aldi $71.73 (48 items)
Mostly camping items since we camped 3 weekends in July!
Kmart $14.45 (12 items)
Kroger $8.97 (3 HUGE bags of cheese)
Total for JULY $145.27 number of itmes 81
My CVS spending has been GREAT...CVS is finally rolling out some worthy deal this past month, and continues with great back to school deals this month!!!!!
$15.97 oop (I stocked up on printer paper which is where most of this expense came from)
BEST PART!!!!!!!! I got 61 items in July for basically nothing because I have LOTS of ECB's I have been rolling over on all the deals......after all that is the name of the game!


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