Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mid-Week funny!!

Okay so this funny is brought to you by my oldest son Lance, who is very logical thinking, quick learner, and very talkative!!! Well anyway he was outside playing this past fall while everyone else was napping, and he came busting in the house with such excitement and seriousness in his voice that I stopped right away to see what was going on. In a very serious voice, he said "MOM the PRESIDENT of the United States just drove by OUR house!!!" I said "Are you sure?" Then he replied like I was some kind of a crazy woman "Yes mom I am sure,!" So I went on to ask him some questions and these were his replies. "So tell me Lance was the President in a BLACK car with flags on it?" "Yes mom, it was black with these neat flags on it." I asked one more question, "Lance was there a whole bunch of other cars following him?" He got this look of amazement on his face like he couldn't believe I was getting all these things right about the sighting of the President without being there with him to see it. "Yes mom there were a lot of cars following him, how'd you know."

I tried to hold back the laughter because I hated to squelch his excitement and I didn't want him to be embarrassed, then I broke the news to him.

Lance that was the hurse for a funeral procession, they were heading down to the church cemetery (which is just down the road from our house about a mile or so). He simply said "Oh my mistake, but I really did think it was him mom." Then cheerfully walked out the door to go play some more.



Megan said...

That is really funny!!

Genesa said...


Jon & Carra said...

I love it!!!
Danielle your boys are so fun ! I can't wait till Liam can hang out with them!

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