Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today's topic.....homeschooling...why we do it and what led us to make that choice. First things first..when I was pregnant with Lance I remember having a conversation with another couple, the husband of that couple was a teacher, and we talked about how we didn't know why anyone would homeschool their children. (This conversation took place 8 years ago....just so you can get a good picture of this scenario.) At that time we didn't know anyone who homeschooled and I vividly remember saying "I would never home school my kids." I think the whole socialization thing I thought was an issue (I laugh at that now), and thinking they would have to forgo sports and all the fun things I remembered doing in school.
Okay well fast forward to 5 years after this conversation had taken place, when Lance was 4 years old. We started attending a new church around that time and noticed something was different about the kids here...although we couldn't really put our finger on it at the time. Anyway come to find out this church was flourishing with homeschooled kids, and it peaked my interest "why so many I thought." So I talked about it with Justin and I decided to start researching homeschooling. I bought two books, THE ABC"S OF HOMESCHOOLING, and a book by Lisa Whelchel (I think that's her name). The second book had 15 different families in it and they all had different reasons why they were homeschooling. Also they are used a somewhat different method of schoooling as well. My eyes were quickly opened up to all the different possibilities of curriculum, methods, schedules, ect. My worries of my children being able to have enough of a social life, was quickly dismissed when I started reading through books and talking to moms who were already in this process.
A couple of good points I will share with you...Let's just talk about the first place you might send your child to school...pre-school so they would be 3 or 4 depending on when you were planning on sending them to kindergarten. Ask yourself what kind of social behaviors can another 3 or 4 year old teach my child? Well I can think of alot of negative behaviors they could bring home! I can't think of my things they can learn from another preschooler that would benefit them that I couldn't teach better at home. Children have to learn things like sharing, kindness, compassion, along with a whole host of other things....they can learn all that from siblings, or if they are the only child you can arrange play dates with other mommies you know. If your involved with your church then they also interact with children once or twice a week there.
Being able to playing sports is not an issue either..there are homeschool leagues the kids can play on...YMCA programs the kids can be involved in, park leagues they can play in, upwards programs as well....So there is no shortage of opportunities you just have to look and quickly you will have endless things to choose from.
So after 1 1/2 years of talking with other mom who homeschool, reading books, and reading anything about homeschooling I could get my hands on we decided that this was a good choice for our family. A couple of the deal closers for us were
1. We could incorporate Bible Study into our daily schedule
2. We could incorporate daily chores to help practice responsiblity
3. All we teach can be based on Bible believing principles
4. We can tailor the curriculum to each child's abilities and speed of learning
5. Our children can spend more time with us
6. I can daily enforce character issues that need to be addressed
7. Since our learning time is more concentrated we finish sooner
(example: no recess, busy work, no wasted time switching classes, ect)
8. I can directly track my child's progress and take care of any problem areas quickly
9. Our school year if shorter..no snow days, fog delays, ect
10. Less distractions = more learning

I might be able to listen 10 more easily but I think you get the picture! I do understand that homeschooling is not for everyone, and I don't want anyone to feel like I am pushing it on you as a "must" for your family. I think everyone does need to consider it as a choice though. Our kids education is very important and needs to be taken seriously.

I will write more on this subject.....in the mean time let me know what you think...ask me any questions you might have about homeschooling (I am by no means a know-it-all on the subject but I can speak from my own experience)


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