Saturday, December 27, 2008

Operation Organization!

Well my family and I spent the entire day organzing our home!!! Let me start with this information...We live in an old farmhouse built in there really is very little storage. Actually I think we have more storage than some older homes, but just not enough. CAN YOU EVER HAVE TO MUCH STORAGE????? As a family of 6 I think not, with all the toys, clothes, and misc items I always need more space to put stuff. I think I should have bought some stock in the PLASTIC TOTE COMPANIES..I have a million of them!!! Anyone else feel that way???

Moving on, we started off the morning working in the basement. Well when I say basement I mean your typical farmhouse basement that can't be is wet when it rains and has that stinky wet smell...well it's has been working well for storing all those great totes we have but lately I have really been wanting to get everything moved out of there to somewhere less wet, and mildew smelling. So after looking over all the totes and making sure we wanted what was inside them my helpful hubby hauled everyone one out of the basement and out to a outdoor storage barn we have. It stays dry there and it still easy to get to when we need something out again! TASK ACCOMPLISHED!!! But it took us most of the morning!!!

The next project was trading rooms with the boys. All of our bedrooms are upstairs, and our 3 boys share a room, Julia has the top of the loft for her room and then we have the other bedroom. The last 6 years that we have been here our room and been our bedroom PLUS my sewing room, PLUS my card making room, PLUS the ironing room ALL WRAPPED IN ONE!!! (it's a pretty big room) That arrangement has worked fine for us but the boys were needing some more space to actually play with there toys and just have some space of there own. There current room was big enough for the bunkbed, and a toddler bed, with 3 dressers and a toys box, but there was little room for playing. So now we have the smaller room and they have SO MUCH room to play in the bigger plus we elimated one dresser!!! I think it will work out well..I hope so since it took so much work to make the switch happen........Justin and I agree we think we like it better where we are now. TASK 2 ACCOMPLISHED!!!

PLUS Justin was able to put together 2 wooden storage cubes I got as Christmas gifts!! And we got all the gifts put away, dishes done, and all the laundry caught up!!! SO WE WERE POOPED by the time we put the kids in bed.....


Did you have a great weekend??? What did you do??


Megan said...

Wow sounds like a FULL day! I love the feeling when you're done tho. I need a day like that!

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