Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What's for supper at your house??

Well I thought I would share a website with you all that I thought was pretty neat and informative. This woman's blog has a spot devoted just to shopping at ALDI! She has a plan for crockpot cooking and then just regular meal planning...all ingredients can be bought at ALDI.. I printed off the fall/winter crock pot meals shopping list and the price list. The fall and winter meals which includes #30 days of meals (so really more than a month's worth if you have leftovers and the total on the shopping list was around $150!!! (before any tax)

Whether times are tight for you or not, I think that sounds like a great bargin!!!! And if you don't already know I LOVE A GOOD BARGIN!! Justin and I get a kick out of trying to see how cheap we can feed our brood of 6 a healthy tasty meal!!! Some people see it at annoying and an inconvience to slim down their food budget, NOT US we love the challenge!!

A hint to helping ANY budget is meal planning for the week, every two weeks, or monthly whatever fits your shopping regiment..to go to the store with no list and no set ideas for meals is a recipe for diaster and over spending!!! Plus later you have to try to come up with something to make from all the "stuff" you just bought. I find that it saves me time and money when shopping, and in the days to come when I have it all planned for me and know what is for supper that week.

I will talk more about meal planning and other related topics later! STAY TUNED!

Check out the "ALDI QUEEN" as she is called. http://www.blogger.com/www.momadvice.com/aldi


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