Monday, December 29, 2008

Mommy Moment Monday

Well my first mommy moment this week is just a little thing that my littlest boy Zach (3 years old) tells me. When he comes over to me and gives that lovable smile of his and crawls up in my lap I just love it. He is a cuddler by nature, always has is Caleb actually. Well anyway, he has this little saying he says to me that just makes me melt!

"Your the best mom in the milky way, the universe, and the county." It always make me chuckle, because he has heard his older brothers say things like this to me but he has made up his own version of it. I just love how he doesn't realize that that he is saying these things out of proportion..and that's okay with me...I just love to hear him say it and see that lovable smile as he gives me a great big hug!!! It just makes my day!!!


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