Monday, December 22, 2008


Good Monday!!! Well I hvae to share my huge bargin find that I ran into this weekend!! Let me give you just a tiny background first... I had been telling Justin for about two months now that I needed to get some new church clothes for winter. I didn't have any that fit me good.....So anyway I ran into town on Saturday and stopped at Goodwill (Ya never know what you might find). Well as I entered the store I saw that there was a sign on the door that said TODAY ONLY 50% off everything in the store! WOWWEE!!!! I thought anything that I find today that actually fits me is going home with me for 1/2 off. Well that's just what I did, I tried on my cartfull of items and ended up with 14 things I loved.....4 long skirts, 4 sweaters, 2 knitted tanks (to wear underneath things), 2 pairs of dress pants, and 2 blazer style jackets all for the bargin price of........... Did I mention that almost 1/2 of them are name brand items like Old Navy, Maurices, Calvin Klein, Gap, Ann Taylor, and Ann Taylor Loft!!!!! All name brands that I woudl never buy new because of the CRAZY price they would normally cost!!!! Oh ya, I also picked up a what do you think I paid ( my favorite question to ask my husband)... Well $39 was the total for the three bags of clothing I carried out!!! I just LOVE a good find!!!!


Megan said...

Oh that is absolutly AWESOME!!!

That's the cost of maybe 1-2 items new!
How exciting, great job!!!

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