Friday, April 1, 2011

We finished up our last "project" this week.....

The beautiful old barn siding was our last project to tackle before the big move in....and we checked it off our list this past week. I originally thought I would run it vertically, but then because of several factors I went the other direction and ran it horizontally. Several advantages....less cutting...less waste, no top trim piece needed, the pieces are more secure to the wall, etc. I really am smitten with how the project turned out. The pictures don't really do it I had really bad light (too much of it coming through the windows)....but you'll get a sneak peek anyway.

I'll try to get better pictures when we move in, but you can get the general idea....lots of fun!Well all this talk of the new house has been fun but this weekend I am off on a girls' weekend with my mom & mom's treat! Shopping, going to a spa....more shopping, hot tub relaxing, no cooking, no children, ohhhhhhhhhh my I can't hardly contain myself. Have a lovely weekend....I know I will!!!!!!!!!!!


Megan said...

Have FUN!!!

The siding looks AWESOME!!!

Genesa said...

I like that Danielle! Looks great! Hope you're having a great weekend!

Marvin Mills said...

It now looks better than before. Wouldn't it be nicer if you add some stuff here? This will certainly make the place more beautiful and full of life. Anyway, have fun on your weekend!

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