Monday, April 25, 2011

The Big Move!

We used LOTS of boxes, and little helpers that looked like this...
Then made enough small trips that looked a bit like this.....
That the only things left in the house to moves where beds and a few other things...
(note my incredibly wonderful BIL...he now has his famous spot on "THE BLOG")
Julia enjoyed some playing with her beloved cousins in her new room........
My Hubby helping keep things organized in the storage room looked like this..
My mom, who put in countless amounts of hours helping us, unpacking Julia's room!
Boys, who instead of unpacking, are playing LEGO'S!
Throughout most of the move I looked like this...with a hat on (so I didn't have to do my hair!)

If your getting ready for a move in the near future here are a few hints I learned a long the way.
#1: PURGE, any and everything you possibly can while packing!
#2: I labeled boxes with what was in them and what room they went to.
#3: As we took loads over to the house each night I unpacked them. Two reasons for that, #1 I could them reuse the boxes & #2 it made unpacking seem less daunting.
#4: If I had things I was unsure about where they would go I had two misc. boxes that the stuff went into so I could go through them later and decide.
#5: I packed one room at a time, then moved to the next area.
I am not a pro by any stretch of the imagination. I do like things to be organized and these few steps made the whole process a little less overwhelming. Ohhhh ya! I also canceled school for TWO weeks, and protested against any and all home cooked meals. It was all about pre-made box, and thrown it in the oven kind of food. While I felt terribly guilty I did not get one complaint from anyone! It was a matter of sanity for myself...and it worked wonderfully for those two weeks.


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