Friday, September 28, 2012

Flower Friday

It's been many many weeks since I grabbed my camera to take some flowers pictures! I thought I would share with you what it blooms as fall begins to settle in my part of the country.

 These petunias are still looking gorgeous. They have spread like wild it.
 I was happy to see this little hydrangea bloom. Having the drought all summer I thought maybe I had lost the plant completely.
 I cut back these phlox after they bloomed this summer, and now they are blooming again!
 I don't what this plant is...I keep thinking I'll look it up, then I forget. Whatever it is its in full bloom and the hummingbirds really like it.
 This lovely lady was a recent purchase. The picture doesn't do the rich beautiful color justice.
 I got this little bee lady at a sale earlier this summer...isn't she cute?
 I love the soft yellow with the bright yellow center.
 This gal was also a recent buy, it's a type of coneflower! As the bloom ages it turn a lovely orange/rust color. Perfect for fall!
 These tickseed I got on clearance for a quarter. I cut them back when I got them and they are now starting to bloom with newly established roots.
 Also a quarter clearance buy, are you picking up on my "I have no self-control" in the landscape section of my local hardware store? I just can't pass up perennials when they are so dirt cheap.
 I love these precious Gerber Daisies I planted in the Spring. They are still thriving.
 I bought this new plant called a WAVE pansy. Same wonderful pansy you know, but it spreads like crazy like the WAVE petunias do.......I love these, they will thrive till almost Thanksgiving!


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