Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Making A Settlement

Since the beginning of school we have been reading Diary of an Early American Boy. This book inspired the kids to build their own "settlement".  Last week while I was canning apple stuff the kids spent ALL AFTERNOON in the woods. They completely knocked my socks off! No fighting, and no crying occurred for three afternoons in a row!! If that wasn't miraculous enough in and of itself they made a totally impressive settlement to boot! Want a little tour?
 This is the beginning of Lance and Caleb "home".
 Here it is completed with limbs for camo and extra insulation and a tarp door.
 The proud engineers.
 This is Zach and Julia's "home". Horrible shot but I think you can see it's clearly a masterpiece in the making.
 Adorable House Contractors
 No settlement would be complete without a community fire pit!
 Here is their amazingly cool teeter totter in action! Mama was totally impressed by this element of the settlement.
 Unfortunately the teeter totter was  broken shortly after it's riders dismounted, and then was made into a chair with Lance's superior saw skills.
 No settlement is complete without an adorable watch dog. He must have really worn himself out watching everyone work........
 Making a settlement can really make a crowd we used that great fire pit for lunch!
After lunch, Caleb showed us his tree climbing skills. He does this to make his mother nervous, yet proud of him all at the same time!
I would recommend reading this great book written from the perspective of a fifteen year old boy. Plus it's interlaced with history of how things were done, how bridges were build over creeks, fields planted for crops, and everything else you might want to know about making a settlement from scratch.


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