Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Little Landscape TLC

Since we moved in April 2011, landscaping has been on my list. Not high on the list, but on the list. I do LOVE to landscape, but for this project I was going to need some assistance. These are the over grown and under cared for scrubs in the front of the house. We also had a set of three boxwoods I detested in front of our other set of front windows. This gives you an idea of what ugliness I'm dealing with!
 So with my helpers all ready to help....we set out to RIP THEM ALL OUT!!
 We I decided it was a great project after we had received some much needed rain. They did a GREAT job and made quick work of getting rid of them!!
One by one all those ugly guys got hauled to the burn pile! I don't have an after pic...sorry. I have since planted beautiful hydrangeas along the sidewalk path. (They look pretty bad since being transplanted, but I'm hoping they are just shocked and will rebound nicely next Spring. I also decided to plant more Hydrangeas on the other side. I just LOVE them! They are so beautiful, long blooming, and low maintenance, which in my opinion is a winning combination! I'm hoping next Spring I will have the beds planted and can show you the "after" then.

Fall is a great time to transplant so if you have plants you want to move, now is the time.


Stephanie Reed said...

We did that years ago and trust me, you will appreciate the work you did today for a long time to come.

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