Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Our August....Part One

Over a month ago my favorite little people decided that they wanted to sleep under the stars. A regular tent just wasn't going to do it. They wanted to construct their own tent.

A little team work and few tarps equals a tent that makes four children very giddy with excitement.
Let the sleepover begin!
 All ready for her night with the boys.
 Zach thought a few minutes playing his DS before bed was a good idea.
 Caleb was super duper excited that he was going to get to sleep with his best buddy, Jasper!
Lance was ready to be "the boss" in the tent for the night.
Justin & I thought for sure they wouldn't all last the whole night outside all by themselves....but they proved us wrong. (Which is not the first time we've been proven wrong nor will it be the last.)
I'm so glad they enjoy camping out under the stars all by themselves. What great memories they are making together!


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