Friday, April 13, 2012

Prepping the Garden For Planting....

After testing our soil we realized the PH was too high (7.0-7.5) and the soil was depleted of Nitrogen. So after a little research we added Sulfur to bring the PH down, and then added a fertilizer that was high in Nitrogen to help bring the level up. So Justin hooked up the spreader to the back of the tractor and made quick work of it.
 Here is part of my ROCK PATROL...also be part of my weed pulling TEAM!
 Jasper is taking notes and making sure everyone is doing their part. Don't you like his new tag?
 Well here's better look at it....
 After adding the needed nutrients, we tilled them in. Justin, Grandpa Gaerte, and Lance got er' done.
 Grandpa is a great I think he kinda likes all this homesteading it reminds him of when he was a kid I think....LOVE all this HELP!
 I adore this shot I's all about making some great memories.
 This unit was once used behind horses. George used to sit on this staring at the rear end of horses listening to his little radio for hours. He's not really sure if the view has improved much....
 Once the rows were made it was time for the potatoes. 
We planted 6 lbs. of Yukon Gold (early), 10 lbs. of Red Pontiac (mid), and 20 lbs of Kennebec (late)
 Here we are laying them all in line....
 Here they are!
Now it was time to throw the dirt back on top of them...Here we go again!
 Lance was loving all the action and he took up the job of video camera man with Justin's phone.
 Before we quit for the day I also planted 26 onions starts.
Now we wait and see if they will grow!

Just in case you want to check out Lance's up close video skills GO HERE!


Abbi said...

It looks like you are going to have a big garden! I hope it grows well for you!

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