Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our Animal Population is GROWING...

It's that exciting time of year when we start filling up the barn with 4-H projects! Lance & Caleb will be in 4-H this year so it's been double the fun. Let me introduce you.....
Remember Jake? He was the little gut we started bottle feeding mid-January.
 He's back with us yet again, but this time he brought a friend with him....
 Her name is Rachael...She still has all her wool (Jake got a hair cut), and she is so soft!
Caleb will be showing both of these at the fair. He is over the top excited to start learning all he can.
 Meet Webster & Wibley (I have no idea how they come up with these names)....Caleb's pigs.
 Lance's pigs are Warrior and Tiger.
 This is our barn cat Happy....On occasion she gets to come in a cuddle up with the kids on the rug right inside the door. She very lovable, but is still unsure what to think about Jasper (the new puppy).
 This week we brought home 25 (now 24) Meat Chickens. We like doing an early batch, then getting another group of them later in the summer. They take about 10-12 weeks to reach maturity.Last year we could butcher an entire batch in 2-3 hours, even faster if we bag them as whole chickens. 
They are so easy to raise (yummy too).
 So cute as babies....Not cute as adults!
 Everyone loves holding the little chicks, especially Julia. The kids know why we have them, and it is not traumatizing on butcher day. Everyone enjoys adding the meat to our freezer.
Lance is also taking a couple ducks for 4-H....Speedy & Junior. Sorry they were no available for a photo op at the time of this post.


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