Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting the BEE HIVES ready!

The original delivery date for my new bees was April 1st. Earlier that week I got a call that said they have been delayed until April 13th. I was a little bummed, but glad for a little extra time to make sure everything was ready for them to arrive. Monday we moved the hives from the garage to their new location. All my bee keepers in the making were very enthusiastic to help me!

 I love how everyone has their own style of carrying their items.
Above: Lance
 Above: Zach
 Above: Julia
 Above: Caleb
Honey Hive Helpful Hints:
The hive needs to be elevated to help protect against predators.
They need to be located in southwest facing location. This helps the hive to be warmed up by the sun shining on them in the morning which gets the hive out and working earlier. The hive needs a wind break from cold northern winds in the winter. Sun in the morning, shade in the afternoon is best so the hive doesn't over heat. We picked a spot at the edge of our woods, near a water source, and close to all the pollen goodies our garden will provide for them to pollinate.


Clint Baker said...

It looked like you had great helpers!

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