Thursday, April 12, 2012

DeBrand Chocolate Field Trip

We had the opportunity to go on a rather tasty field trip to Debrand Chocolates...YUM!
We were greeted by this HUGE chocolate egg that was on display (we went right before Easter).
 At the beginning of the field trip we watched a brief video, and got to answer a few trivia questions about chocolate...and win some prizes!
 No pictures were allowed to be taken while in the back on the we may have been to busy eating all the yummy samples to snap pictures anyway. We did get to see the process of making the different kings of things that DeBrand's sells.
 Caramel Truffles.....
 One of our family favorites!
 I have to tell you about the little deal I was able to was really FUN! We purchases all this chocolate for $.39!!!
 Our family had a $50 gift card to use up while we were here, thanks to Hubby doing a benefit auction last month. The field trip was $5 per person (5 of us went). So I used my first $25 GC to pay for taking the tour. When we paid for the tour each person got $5 off any $10 purchase. So we bought $50.39 worth of chocolate, then used our $25 off coupon we got, then our other $25 GC and our total was .39!
 This was such a major treat for the kids, and they were really thrilled to get to pick out whatever (within the budget) they wanted. We all went home happy campers, even Hubby got some loot!


DeBrand Chocolatier said...

So glad you guys enjoyed your visit! Thanks for the post, we really enjoy the feedback!

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