Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Lilac Lane...

#2 I love the color LAVENDER
 #3 I'm very thankful for my LILAC LANE
 The previous owner did a marvelous job of planting this beautiful & fragrant hedge along the drive
  I adore how the different shades of purple compliment one another...oh the heavenly scent!!
 Can you smell them?
 How about now?
 You this was coming, of course, I had to bring a bouquet.
I was tempted to just fill up the ENTIRE table!


Stephanie Reed said...

Beautiful! I shared with my friend Kristy who loves purple!

Clint Baker said...

Our Lilacs are blooming as well! They are so beautiful right now and smell so good!

Carra said...

Wow!!!! I love it!!!
I think ours are frozen after the snow this week :(.
So thankful that our God is so creative in all His flowers, and creation in it's self!!!
And yes I can just about smell them. :)

Kristy said...

I love it! Stephanie Reed sent me over!!

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