Monday, January 16, 2012

Plugging away...MORE THAN half way through the YEAR!!

Right before our Christmas break we hit the halfway point of our school year! REALLY?? Some days are hard, some days are easy, some days are joyous, some days are just plain rough. At the root of it all, I wouldn't trade it....okay well maybe some days I would....but schooling my kids has been one of the best investments I can think of. I feel like we have finally reached a point with everyone's ages for things to be really fun and a "little more" ( I use the term loosely) under control. There is still lots of stuff going on at the same time with 4 different grades being taught. We have so far hit all the goals I've had in mind.
I caught some shot of the kids really concentrating on some things last week. LOVE IT!

 Zach taking a math test.
 Julia cutting out pieces to be glued.
Lance working on his math.
I didn't get one of Caleb for some reason....maybe next time.
I am wanting to get a few field trips on my calendar...let me know if you have any good ideas!


Carra said...

So excited to start on this journey this fall.
Thanks for all the tips and ideas about homeschooling through your blog!
Have a great day!

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