Thursday, January 5, 2012

Camera Drama + Quilting Progress....

It was the night before Christmas (Eve)....and you know the rest of the story from all my prior whining (aka: pity party). THE GOOD NEWS is my Hubby was able to salvage my camera....for now. I am super happy to have it working again!!!! THE BAD NEWS: I has spend several hours researching and talking with others about my "new camera choice" and had myself all amped up for a new one. So I was a  little let down when he got it running again! THE GOOD NEWS: He saved us lots of money....and bought himself some more! When we do decide to make a camera leap...I'm thinking the Cannon Eos Rebel 3i (pictured above) is calling my name. I even found  a super great bundle deal that gets me 4 lens, case, tripod, and kinds of extras for a great price! I think it may be wrong that I get goose bumps just looking at it...giggle...giggle!
Onto the quilting progress.......Here is Miss Julia posing before we headed into a newer quilt shop I had not yet been too. She was just as excited as I was to go and check it out! FUNNY GIRL!
This shop is an OLD Victorian house they have restored and turned into a gorgeous...and packed FULL quilt store. Fabric from floor to ceiling...quilts on the ceilings, walls, and anywhere else they can cram them! They were having a big sale that day, so it made it hard to snap many pictures...
MY happy SHOPPING buddy!

HereI am very happy to report I have now finished my HEXAGON quilt!!! I absolutely LOVE it! The colors...the patttern......LOVE IT! I fear the picture of it here on my design wall just doesn't do it much justice!
I was also able to finish up several other quilts and send them off to my long arm quilting lady. I'll have to share those with you when they return.
This little quilt I whipped up quickly with 5" charm squares. Some of this fabric was left over from the bed quilt I made for the master bedroom before we moved in.
My latest quilt completion is my first T-Shirt quilt. I had been saving up shirts for a little while in preparation for such a project. This really went together SUPER QUICK!It will make a nice lap quilt to cuddle up with during the cold months ahead. I still need to machine quilt it....

At the new fabric store I was able to find 1/2 yard cuts of this soccer fabric in a bin for $1.95 each! PERFECT, RIGHT!!!

I had never even thought about using the numbers on the back of the shirts in this quilt, but once I put them up on the design wall I really liked them in it! I love HAPPY ACCIDENTS!
That's all my treasures for now! Ohhhh and by the way I need to clear the air here a bit. I have had several people call me things like "Super woman...Amazingly productive...and other things that make me giggle insanely! You all do realize that #1: last week we were on break #2 I made the time to quilt & skipped the work #3 my children are FINALLY to the age that I can work on a project with out having to watch them like a hawk every second. (I went MANY MANY MANY years without doing anything hobby related! It just wasn't a fitting season for me to try to quilt with so many littles to care for and no "real space" to work on my projects.) #4 My hubby was home all if they needed something they asked Daddy! I just wanted to be sure that you all don't have these super CRAZY ideas of me being.....well I don't know what. I'm just a mama who is trying to enjoy and embrace this season of life that I can have a hobby I enjoy, and have a space to do it in (and then close the door behind me!) Hang in there if your still in the toddler stage of life, (it's such a precious time and it's gonna be gone before you know it!) your time will once again come for you to enjoy hobbies again on a more regular basis. I promise it will happen.  Okay I feel better now that we have that all cleared up!
Happy's almost the weekend again!


Carra said...

Love it Danielle!!! makes me what to learn more about putting quilts together!!
I would be in dreamland too with all that beautiful fab!!!
Maybe in my next season in life when the kiddos' are a bit more able to care for themselves I 'll be able to quilt some too!!! :)
Have a great day!!!
Thanks for sharing what brings you a bit of Joy!!

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