Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lego Mania: Featuring Lance's Creations

I think my kids are amazingly creative, what mama doesn't right? I want to remember these days of Lego's everywhere in their rooms, and constant creations they bring to show me. Hubby recommended that we start taking pictures of each Lego creation they make...genius!....shhhh don't tell him that! I wanted to start sharing them here with you all (my blog scrapbook).

Lance is our first LEGO Mania feature artist. He had this all set up for me the other day.
Some of these are from kits, some creations of their own. We have about a gazillion Lego's here between all three boys! They really started getting into them about two years ago or so.....and now that's all they ask for when it comes to gifts. I don't mind, it's great logically thinking, imagination, and engineering all in a toy! You can never go wrong with that winning combination.


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