Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Glorious Way to Start the Day!

Monday morning I started by running to town for my chiropractic appt. & I was greeted by this:

Breath taking isn't it? This is the very reason I carry my camera in my purse at all times....I don't want miss moments like this.....Ohhhhhhhhhhh I love it!

On Tuesday morning I was reading my Bible when Caleb came to join me at the table with his Bible (I didn't even ask him to)! He read while I finished up. Then a few minutes later Zach woke up. The boys suddenly disappeared then I came around the corner of my room and found this:
Zach has become a great  & more confident reader in the last couple of weeks. Caleb & Zach cuddled in my bed reading his "reader books" while I made pancakes.

I don't know how tomorrow will start. I'm sure thankful for these past two morning being so dreamy!


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