Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Lighting: One At A Time

When we bought our Dream Home a year ago, one of the first things I noticed when touring the house was that all the lighting would have to GO! I'm not a fan of all the gold brass fixtures, never have been. At the same time they are not priority around here either because although they might not be my first, second, or third choice they do work and function just fine. Several people got us Lowe's gift cards for Christmas and I knew just what I would do with it......buy at least one light! (I actually bought a light, a new outdoor rug for our front door, several door stops, and a knob for my bedside table.) Just for the fun of it I thought I would show you a little before and after. Although I'm sure the pictures of the before & after just don't do them justice.....I found it hard to get a good shot. You'll get the general drift!

 BEFORE: This is the light that hung in our entryway...all the way up in the loft. 
(This actual picture is of the light above our table...twins cause I'm lucky like that.)
 AFTER: I picked this up at a garage sale last summer $20
The picture just doesn't show it well, but it's a wonderful change!
 BEFORE: This is the light that was right inside our front door.
 AFTER: From Lowe's with Christmas GC...LOVE IT!!
My hope it that throughout the next year.....one by one, I will replaces the "old" lights/fans with lights more to my style. I'm not in a rush, but of course I won't oppose to someone dropping a healthy LOWE'S or HOME DEPOT gift card into my hand if they feel so lead. Since that happens....never....I'll just be patient and see what the next year brings in my finds at garage sales, auctions, and thrift stores.


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