Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful Hearts 2011

Day 23
2. Finishing my makeover pieces of furniture!
3. Shopping by myself
4. A vehicle to get me from here to there
5. Staying up late watching movies with my Hubby

Day 24
1. Going to a THANKSgiving breakfast!
2. Enjoying yummy food and family time
3. Pouring over the Black Friday go or not to go...
4. Sipping warm drinks on a cold day
5. Taking a nap!

Here are a picture like the turkey's we made! (link is above) I do want to caution you that they are not a "cheap" food craft. One bag of oreos only makes 15 turkeys....and that's if there are no broken one! If I had to ballpark it I would say I spent $35-40. (I did buy 3 packs of cookies, 3 bags of frosting, 2 bags of candy corn,  bags of mini Reese cups, one box of whoppers, and a container of little chocolate balls for the eyes. That being said I do think it was worth it. We don't do things like this very often and the kids really loved it. We decided to give them out to some of our neighbors, and a few widow ladies who live nearby. FUN to make FUN to deliver!


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