Monday, November 14, 2011

Thankful Hearts 2011

I'm playing thankful catch from last Saturday through today.....
DAY 12
1. Star gazing
2. a freezer full of meat
3. sleeping in
4. family time
5. teaching my children why it's important to be thankful

DAY 13
1. our pediatrician being open on Sunday mornings
2. worship music
3. corporate worship
4. teamwork when tackling a large task
5. medicine to heal my little girl

Day 14
1. The blogs I follow that encourage, inspire, & teach me new things!
2. My blog: thankful for a place to "scrapbook" our memories
3. You Tube: LOVE watching "how-to" videos!!
4. Having my own quilting studio...leave my mess & close the door :)
5. Our own school room! Such a HUGE blessing!!!

Only 10 more days till Thanksgiving.....keep making your list!
To read more about my list making start here!


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